Torello Rosé Veal is a refined and delicate young Australian beef product created from the desire to add value to the lives of male calves born into the dairy industry. Our calves are reared in a respectful, responsible and sustainable way on farms in NSW and QLD.


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Our world class animal welfare programs ensure excellent health and wellbeing throughout the vealers life. We strongly believe that this simple philosophy leads to better quality produce. We are proud recipients of the Good Calf Commendation awarded by Compassion in World Farming.


Torello Rosé Veal sits perfectly between veal and beef. The age of the calves along with the milk and grain diet delivers a unique light beef flavour, while maintaining a delicate, melt in your mouth texture. Torello Rosé Veal has no added hormones.


Torello Rosé Veal is easy to prepare, fast to cook and available in familiar beef cuts making it suitable for both beef and veal recipes.


High in iron and protein, lean, and low in sodium, Torello Rosé Veal is a healthy red meat choice scoring 4.5 out of 5 stars on the National Health Star Rating.

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